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The Official Webpage of the Ferris State University Traffic Safety Team

A multi-jurisdictional team consisting of university, local, county, and state officials.  The team addresses engineering, education, and enforcement issues.  This webpage is hosted by the Traffic Improvement Association of Michigan (TIA), with the approval of the Ferris State University Department of Public Safety.

A Message from the Chairman of the Traffic Safety Team

Welcome to the Ferris State University Traffic Safety Team informational page, which is hosted courtesy of the Traffic Improvement Association of Michigan (TIA).

Traffic safety is a matter of great concern at a university, and in the community surrounding the campus.  There are circumstances that need to be taken into consideration because they make this travel environment a bit unique.  It’s been our experience that bringing together stakeholders and experts in safe travel continues to be at the base of our success at Ferris State and in Big Rapids.  The roots of our Ferris State University Traffic Safety Team (FSUTST) go back to 2003, prompted by an interested and engaging Student Government Ferris State University (SGFSU) president.  We join with our local, county, state, and national level partners to learn and share technical matters and best practices of traffic safety.  We always return to the focus areas of engineering, education, and enforcement, known as the Three Es of traffic safety, as we improve.

Most recently, the Traffic Safety Team contributed to the Ferris State University Pedestrian Safety Task Force developed after student Fumitoshi Yonemura was killed in a pedestrian-vehicle crash in October 2009.  A task force report was issued by our group in April of this year.  Many improvements followed the meeting of the task force members and prioritization of actions to be taken.  New countdown signals, universal road markings, and several added traffic control signs were included to further enhance our travel environment.  Several traffic engineer recommended road design changes are in the queue to be made.

Extra education efforts have been recommended and are being implemented.

Enforcement by university and area law enforcement officers has been redefined a bit.  This includes the FSU Office of Student Conduct holding student violators accountable and giving incentives for them to better understand the law and comply with it.

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of serving you, and we hope that you’ll find this information useful.  Please remember to travel safely!

Ferris State University Department of Public Safety

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The Ferris State University Traffic Safety Team has been formed to ensure our community is a safe travel environment, and to carry out the strategies and programs that will maintain this environment.

Vision Statement

The community of Ferris State University provides a balanced transportation system in which a variety of transportation choices, including walking, biking, and public transit, are available for trips to school, work, shopping centers, and recreational areas, and which all students, faculty/staff, and area residents can travel safely in our areas.


Michigan Department of Transportation

Ferris State University Department of Public Safety

Ferris State University Department of Public Safety

Ferris State University Physical Plant

Big Rapids Township

Michigan State Police

Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office

Traffic Improvement Association of Michigan

Big Rapids Department of Public Works

Ferris State University Student Government

Big Rapids Department of Public Safety

Mobilization Information

Spring 2012


  • Hall directors, desk service managers, and resident advisors will be informed of the upcoming mobilization, and have an opportunity to ask questions at one of their weekly staff meetings.
  • Presidents of the FSU registered student organizations, and members of the student government and residence hall association will be informed of the upcoming mobilization.
  • A news release will be issued by the FSU News and Media Relations department to announce the mobilization to the Big Rapids Pioneer, area radio stations, and the Ferris State University Torch, FYI newsletter, campus-wide staff notices, and MyFSU student notices.


  • Radio public service announcements will be released to 100.9 WBRN, 102.3 WYBR, 104.5 WSNX, and Bulldog Radio.
  • Posters will be posted around the campus (academic and support buildings, residence halls, dining centers, etc.), and provided to local businesses.
  • Short presentations will be offered to interested residence halls for their students.
  • Law enforcement officers will issue warnings/civil infractions to pedestrians and drivers depending on compliance.

Laws and Ordinances

This ordinance is enacted by the Ferris State University Board of Trustees pursuant to and in accordance with the authority and responsibility of said Board as provided in the Constitution of the State of Michigan, Act 114 of the Michigan Public Acts of 1949, as amended, Act 291 of the Public Acts of the State of Michigan of 1967, as amended, Act 48 of the Public Acts of the State of Michigan of 1963 (2d Extra Session), as amended, Act 515 of the Michigan Public Acts of 1978 and Act 120 of the Michigan Public Acts of 1990.
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Question: Why must pedestrian traffic signals be obeyed?
Answer: For the sake of safety to walkers and drivers, and it’s the law.

Question: Does a pedestrian always have the right of way?
Answer: Pedestrians DO NOT automatically have the right-of-way, whether in a crosswalk or not.

Question: When should drivers yield to pedestrians?
Answer: Drivers must yield to pedestrians already legally in a crosswalk; pedestrians cannot enter a crosswalk if a vehicle is approaching legally and so close as to cause the driver to slow or maneuver to avoid a crash.

Help Save Lives

task-forcePresident Eisler appointed a campus-wide Pedestrian Safety Task Force in November 2009 as a result of this topic being identified in the University Strategic Plan.  The Strategic Planning and Resource Council (SPARC) also acknowledged the need for such a task force and encouraged the appointment of such a group as part of their Fall 2009 meetings.

Pedestrian safety is a topic of paramount importance for Ferris State University.  The safety of our students, employees and guests is a matter of the highest priority and continuing concern for our community.  Recognizing this, the establishment of a Pedestrian Safety Task Force (PSTF) was recommended by the Strategic Planning and Resource Council at their meeting on Friday, October 16, 2009.

A very conscious and deliberate effort was made to get a broad cross-section of faculty, staff and students across campus in addition to someone from the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) to be part of the Pedestrian Safety Task Force. Input was sought from a number of individuals to receive nominations of individuals who would have interest in this topic including interest in actively participating in the task force.

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We hope you enjoyed your visit at the official webpage of the Ferris State University Traffic Safety Team.  We look forward to receiving your questions, suggestions, compliments, or other feedback.  The Ferris State University Department of Public Safety will handle in the most efficient and timely manner possible.